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Why Spain if I'm a digital nomad?

The new Digital Nomad Visa has officially come into force, in this guide we want to explain what are the most relevant and positive aspects when choosing Spain as your next destination to live and work remotely.

Living in Spanish big cities

Spain is a country that offers a huge number of large cities in which to live. In total there are 17 autonomous communities, which are the regions of our country.
Each of them offers you different gastronomy, landscapes, climate, etc… but they all have something in common, they have big cities that offer you all the services you can imagine.

The cities in Spain where there are more foreigners are mainly Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Málaga, Alicante and Mallorca.

The advantages of living in the big spanish capitals are key elements when deciding which will be your home in our country. In these cities you will find a huge transport network that will allow you to travel around the country and will also give you direct access to travel around Europe. 

You will have a wide range of housing to rent or buy, as well as services, job and leisure opportunities to meet people. If you are interested, keep reading because we are going to tell you all the benefits of being a digital nomad in Spain.

Spanish gastronomy - working spaces and smart working

n the big Spanish cities there are a large number of bars and restaurants, as well as coffee spaces equipped to work quietly throughout the day. 

In Spain there is more than one business of this type on every corner, and that makes it also attractive to work away from home.

More coworking spaces are appearing in big cities that offer very competitive rates, a relaxed working environment and multiple additional services such as gym, pool and bar. One of these could be for example The Social Hub in Barcelona.

Barcelona and Madrid, in the ranking of the best European capitals of the Startup ecosystem

The capitals of our country, Barcelona and Madrid are in the top 10 most attractive cities in Europe for startups. In particular, Barcelona is the fifth best ecosystem to create a startup. 

Our cities are a great engine of innovation and attraction of foreign talent. The possibility of development of new companies is thanks to a great business fabric, quality of life and infrastructure. Spain has many world-renowned universities, as well as great business schools and research centers.
With the creation of the recent Startups Law, the Spanish Government has promoted excellent economic benefits for all those entrepreneurs who want to bet on their ideas and open their businesses in our country. 

Valencia, Alicante and Malaga are also cities of concentration of Startups. It is for that reason that if you move as a digital nomad in our country, you will find many job opportunities, either as an employee or as a freelancer.

We have no doubt that if Barcelona and Madrid have already been great engines of the startup ecosystem in our country for years, now they will be even more so and will be able to reach good positions in the world rankings

Easy to get to know new friends

Another advantage of a big city in Spain is to be surrounded by a large number of people from all over the world. And it is for that reason that there are many possibilities to make contacts very quickly because there is a constant multicultural encounter and people are very open-minded. 

Big cities are very cosmopolitan and you can meet a lot of foreign people, so if you move as a solo digital nomad, you can meet people who will be in the same situation as you.

There are a large number and variety of activities of all kinds with which you can meet many people and establish future friendships.

Forms of transport: why Spain offers such good transport links

On the other hand, the means of transport around the country are generally good, both in terms of connections and affordability.

But especially in the big cities, there are still many ways to get around at any place and at any time. Big cities are eco-friendly, you will find many rental companies of mechanical and electric bicycles, scooters, electric motorcycles, etc.. to move around the cities on a daily basis.

It is even easier to reach the rest of Spain from the big cities, for example, by long-distance trains or buses, which operate daily and offer very competitive prices.

You can also travel around Europe easily as a Spanish resident, from the airports thanks to the many low-cost flights on offer, or by land, arriving by train to most European destinations, including the most famous cities such as Paris, Rome and Berlin.

If you prefer to have your own car and move around Spain and Europe it would be very easy thanks to the many car sharing and rent-a-car applications like Ubeeqo. You should also know that the road network is very wide and safe.

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Ocio nocturno

Another of the possibilities offered by a large Spanish city is nightlife, which is one of the main attractions for many tourists, and we dare say that they would stop coming here if it were not characterized by offering so many possibilities in terms of preferences.

On the one hand, we have leisure time related to shows or theater, which is generally suitable for all ages. Moreover, in the big cities, they are offered in other languages, such as English.

On the other hand, there is nightlife as such. You should know that cocktail bars usually close their doors around 3 a.m. and nightclubs, such as discotheques, around 6 a.m

If after this brief guide you still have doubts or need better advice regarding your future life in Spain, as a place of residence for your next few years, contact us and we will help you to resolve them and to process your Digital Nomad Visa with the professionalism and proximity that characterizes us.