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Visa for high qualified worker in Spain


Something you need to know about High qualified worker visa

The visa as a highly qualified professional in Spain should be applied by companies or businesses that need to hire personnel with specific technical skills for a particular type of work. Normally these are jobs related to the world of science or technology.

The worker must have at least 3 years of experience and the salary must be more than €41,000 gross per year. The visa can be applied from Spain or from the country of origin through the Consulate.

“A high-qualified professional is an individual with specialized knowledge, advanced skills, and significant experience in their field of work, often requiring formal education or training. ”

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NIM Immigration can help you if you are seeking to enter or stay in Spain. This can include assistance with obtaining visas, nationality, residence permits and any other documentation necessary to live and work in Spain.

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What do NIM Immigration Services include for the visa process

  • In the first consultation we will analyze whether the worker and the company meet the high qualification requirements to be able to apply for the visa as a HQ professional.
  • Communication with the company to obtain the necessary documentation.
  • Preparation of the company profile and job profile for the application.
  • Advice and assistance with the preparation of the employment contract and the documentation to be obtained.
  • Applying for the visa on behalf of the company telematically and following up on the requirements, if any.
  • If it is processed from the country of origin; obtaining an appointment at the Consulate for the issuance of the visa in the passport.
  • Obtaining an appointment at the national police in Spain to apply for the residence card.

Unlike other visas under the general law, the highly qualified professional visa has a preferential processing. This means that once the application is submitted, the institution that resolves this type of visa in Spain will do so within 20 working days. Applications from family members will be resolved with the same speed.

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