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All you need to know about Spanish Digital Nomad Visa.
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All you need to know about Spanish Digital Nomad Visa.
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We are a team of lawyers specialized in immigration law with extensive experience advising and processing visa applications. 

As we are committed to the new digital era, we work fully online with all our procedures.

Each of our clients is special to us, so proximity and loyalty are the basis of our relationship. Trust and honesty are our main values, always offering a competitive and affordable price, providing a professional and quality service.

If you entrust us with the processing of your application, you will receive prompt and personalized attention. We will analyze your case in depth to explore the best path to obtain your visas and permits in Spain.

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Frequently Ask Questions

The NIE number serves as the fundamental identification for any foreign individual in Spain. It constitutes the primary requirement upon entry into the country with a visa, preceding the acquisition of a residence permit. Regardless of the legal undertaking, whether it involves property acquisition, establishing a company, opening a bank account, etc., the NIE is a requisite.

There are two classifications of NIE: the resident NIE applicable to both EU and non-EU citizens, and the non-resident NIE for EU citizens staying in Spain for less than 3 months or non-EU citizens.

This question frequently arises among expatriates contemplating a move to Spain. The NIE is an assigned identification number designating a foreigner in the country, while the TIE is the corresponding card housing the NIE. Essentially, the NIE is a numerical identifier, whereas the TIE is a plastic card containing the NIE.

How can I obtain a work permit in Spain?
There are various avenues to secure a work permit in Spain:

1. Obtain a work permit through a job offer within the Spanish shortage occupation list. The prospective employer initiates the legal process while the applicant remains in their country of origin.
2. Secure employment as a highly qualified professional with a position offering a salary exceeding €41,000 per year and a managerial or technical role.
3. Establish your own company with an entrepreneur visa, provided the project is innovative and contributes to job creation in the country.

After residing in Spain with a valid residence permit for five consecutive years, with minimal absences from the country, acquiring permanent residency becomes straightforward. Although the physical card must be renewed every ten years, the permit itself is indefinite. Notably, years spent under a student visa won’t count for permanent residency and are not considered for Spanish citizenship.

To gain Spanish nationality and enjoy the same rights as any other Spanish national, a continuous stay of ten years in the country is generally required. However, there are exemptions, such as individuals from Portugal, the Philippines, Andorra, Equatorial Guinea, or any Latin American country, who can qualify for Spanish citizenship after two years in Spain. Other options, like citizenship through marriage, require only one year of residence.

Yes. On one hand, many permits in Spain like student visas, work visas, digital nomad visa, the golden visa, etc… allow you to do a joint application. This means that you can get a work and residence permit both for you and your family, just with your application. But, on the other hand, you can also opt for the process called family reunification, in which you can bring your family to Spain provided that you already live in Spain legally.

If you have been living in Spain illegally for 3 years, you can regularize your situation under the procedure called arraigo social. Furthermore, if you have just been in Spain for 2 years but you worked during the last 6 months, the arraigo laboral will be the right procedure for you. If you need help with this, just send us an email and our specialized immigration lawyers will be glad to help you out.

Reach us at for accurate and up-to-date information on visa Spain's requirements. Nim lawyers are known for their expertise in immigration matters, providing tailored advice.

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