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Golden Visa in Spain

The investor visa for Spain, better known as the Golden Visa in Spain, is a 2-year authorization for non-European citizens that allows them to reside in Spain if they make an investment in the country. The most common investments are the purchase of real estate for a minimum of €500,000. Family members of the main investor may also apply for the same visa and accompany him/her. The investment must be individual, which means that you cannot buy a property of €500,000 in the name of 2 people as in this case only €250,000 would count and would not reach the minimum to apply for the visa. If you have already bought the property and this was after 2013, you can also apply for the investor visa now.


What do NIM Immigration services include for golden visa process

  • Analysis of the investment made or to be made to see if it meets the requirements of the law and if it qualifies to apply for the golden visa in Spain.
  • Advice on the documentation to be prepared by the investor and his/her family members.
  • Assistance in opening a bank account in Spain if necessary and in taking out private medical insurance.
  • Preparation of the forms and the dossier to be submitted to the Large Companies Unit (UGE).
  • Electronic submission of the application and follow up of the requirements, if any.
  • Obtaining the appointment at the national police to get the residence card.

Timeframes for the process for the golden Visa in Spain

Unlike the rest of the visas under the general law, the investor visa or golden visa in Spain has a preferential processing. This means that once the application is submitted, the institution that resolves this type of visa will do so within 20 working days. Applications from family members will be resolved with the same speed