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TIE card for Spain

The TIE card for Spain is the foreigner’s identity card for non-Europeans. You will have to apply for it at the Spanish national police once your permit or visa has been approved. Keep in mind that you must first be registered in the city council where you live, this is called “Padrón de habitantes”. 

We assist you in the process of obtaining the “padrón”, either in person or digitally, in a very quick and easy way. Once you have signed the rental contract, you will be able to carry out this registration process. 

We also assist you in the process of obtaining your Foreigner’s Identity Card (TIE). Once your visa is approved, we will get an appointment at the police station for you to register your fingerprints and receive your card.

What NIM Immigration services include for TIE card

  • Obtaining the appointment for the “padrón” and the appointment for the police.  
  • We check if you have the necessary documentation for the “padrón” and for the police fingerprinting;
  • We prepare the necessary forms for both procedures.

TIE card Spain deadlines

TIE card last procedure will depend on the availability of appointments and the city. In provincial capitals such as Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia there may be a waiting time of more than 3-4 weeks. In the rest of the cities we can get an appointment for you to complete both procedures in less than 2 weeks.