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Digital nomad visa is finally here!

The highly anticipated visa  for digital nomads has been incorporated into Spain’s Startups Law in 2023.
This visionary program provides an avenue for non-European citizens who work remotely for foreign companies to establish their residence in Spain, benefitting from the country’s thriving business ecosystem and dynamic cultural landscape.

The Startups Law visa program is designed to attract top talent and entrepreneurs from around the world and foster innovation and collaboration among digital nomads and local businesses alike. With its streamlined application process and comprehensive support network, this program represents a groundbreaking advancement in Spanish immigration law and signals Spain’s unwavering commitment to progress and prosperity.

“Freedom is the ability of a person to enter, remain and move freely within a country according to its laws.”

Action Plan

How do
we help

NIM immigration can help you if you are looking to come and in Spain. This can include assistance with obtaining visa, nationality, residence permits and any other type of documentation required to live and work in Spain.

Step 1

First Contact

Text us or schedule an appoitment in order to tell us about your case

Step 2

Evaluation of the case

We will explore the best path and the steps to follow

Step 3

Submission Of The File

We will submit the application electronically on the immigration office’s virtual platform

Additional costs to consider

Visa Application Fee

The non-refundable administrative fee of 73.26 euros remains applicable, irrespective of the approval or denial of the visa.

Certified Translation

An official sworn translator recognized by the Spanish Government is required to translate all documents for the application into Spanish.

Health Insurance Valid in Spain

It is necessary to take out a private medical insurance with a Spanish company.

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What do NIM Immigration Services include for this visa process

  • Analyze and determine if the requirements to obtain the visa for digital nomads are met.
  • Advice on the documentation to be prepared by the worker and his/her family members.
  • Assistance in taking out private medical insurance.
  • Preparation of the forms and the file to be submitted to the Large Companies Unit or to the Spanish Consulate/Embassy in the country of origin.
  • Electronic filing of the application and follow-up of the requirements, if any.
  • Obtaining the appointment at the consulate or embassy to submit the visa application.
  • Obtaining the appointment at the National Police to apply for the residence card.
The visa for digital nomads has fast-track processing
After submitting the application, the institution that resolves this type of visa will do so within 20 working days
Applications from family members will be resolved with the same speed.

Frequently ask questions

Residency permits enable long-term residence in a foreign country, while digital nomad visas cater to remote workers who work and travel flexibly for shorter periods.

You can work for a Spanish company or client under the digital nomad residency, but there's a crucial requirement. To be eligible, you must maintain your connection with the foreign company that facilitated your visa acquisition and ensure that the income from the Spanish company does not surpass 20% of your overall earnings.

Consult our FAQ guide or eather our immigration lawyers specializing in digital nomad visas for accurate and up-to-date information on Spain's requirements. Nim lawyers are known for their expertise in immigration matters, providing tailored advice.

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