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Acces to Spain nomad visa with our expert immigration attorneys. Streamlined application processes and comprehensive support ensure a seamless transition, maximizing the benefits with NIM Spain digital nomad visa lawyers.

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Digital Nomad Visa Spain Is Finally Here!

Explore the new frontier of Spain’s digital nomad visa integrated under the 2023 Startups Law. Our immigration attorneys in Spain specialize in facilitating seamless applications for the highly anticipated visa, designed to attract top talent and entrepreneurs globally.
Benefit from our expertise in navigating the streamlined application process and comprehensive support network, ensuring you make the most of Spain’s commitment to progress and prosperity through the digital nomad program.

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NIM immigration can help you if you are looking to come and in Spain. This can include assistance with obtaining visa, nationality, residence permits and any other type of legal documentation required to live and work in Spain.

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Digital Nomad visa Fees

3 years permit
1 year Visa

Extra costs to take in account

Apostille Documents

An official certificate from a government that makes a document from one country acceptable in another

Certified Translation

An official sworn translator recognized by the Spanish Government is required to translate all documents for the application into Spanish.

Health Insurance Valid in Spain

It is necessary to take out a private medical insurance with a Spanish company.

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What do NIM Immigration Services include for this visa process

  • Analyze and determine if the requirements to obtain the visa for digital nomads are met.
  • Advice on the documentation to be prepared by the worker and his/her family members.
  • Assistance in taking out private health insurance.
  • Preparation of the forms and the file to be submitted to the Large Companies Unit or to the Spanish Consulate/Embassy in the country of origin.
  • Electronic filing of the application and follow-up of the requirements, if any.
  • Obtaining the appointment at the consulate or embassy to submit the visa application.
  • Obtaining the appointment at the National Police to apply for the residence card.
The visa for digital nomads has fast-track processing
After submitting the application, the institution that resolves this type of visa will do so within 20 working days
Applications from family members will be resolved with the same speed.

Frequently asked questions

Securing a digital nomad visa for Spain might sound daunting due to official procedures and policies, but remember the Spanish Government generally processes these visas within roughly 20 days. Keep in mind, this timeframe can fluctuate based on various factors such as the accuracy of your documents or consulate staffing levels.

No, you don't need to be physically present in Spain to apply for the digital nomad visa. You can initiate the application process from your home country through the nearest Spanish consulate.

Typically, the primary applicant for a digital nomad visa can include immediate family members such as a spouse and underage children in their application. These dependents will be granted residence permits that align with the duration of the primary applicant’s digital nomad visa. However, each family member will need to submit applications individually, with the necessary supporting documentation.

To qualify for a digital nomad visa in Spain, you're required to demonstrate a certain income level. This calls for providing proof of a monthly income equivalent to at least 200% of the Spanish national minimum wage, or SMI. The SMI currently stands at €1,134, and this wage is traditionally calculated with 14 salary payments throughout the year. Therefore, if we take into account 12 payments annually instead of 14, you need to be capable of proving a total monthly income of at least €2,646. Additionally, the applicant must provide a criminal record certificate as part of the documentation.

Do you need more details? Fear not! This article is your comprehensive FAQ guide. 

Interestingly, the answer is no. The Spanish digital nomad visa is specifically designed for individuals who are employees or entrepreneurs of foreign companies. This implies that you must generate income outside Spain while residing in the country. To be clear, you cannot work for a Spanish company or get hired by a Spanish employer while on this type of visa.

Should your digital nomad visa in Spain expire while you are still within the country's borders, it's important to understand that you would be in violation of Spain's immigration laws. Overstaying your visa can lead to being banned from re-entering for a certain period.

Yes, you can extend your stay in Spain beyond the duration of your digital nomad visa.

Being a digital nomad in Spain does allow you to chalk up some residence time towards Spanish citizenship. Typically, a decade of residence is the standard requirement for this. However, in some special situations, the time requirement could be as minimal as just two years.

Absolutely! One of the biggest advantages of having a digital nomad visa in Spain is the opportunity it provides for seamless travel within the Schengen Area (consisting of 26 European countries) without needing a separate visa. This means more freedom to explore and work from various locations across Europe.

Currently, transitioning directly from a tourist visa to a digital nomad visa within Spain is not an option. Your tourist visa is intended for short-term, temporary stays, while a digital nomad visa serves a different purpose — allowing for extended periods of remote work.

The digital nomad visa is available to individuals who are employed by foreign companies and wish to work remotely from Spain. Being employed by a company outside of Spain does not disqualify you from applying for this visa.

Your status as an employed individual will be taken into account during the application process. Being employed by a foreign company is actually a requirement for obtaining the digital nomad visa in Spain, as it ensures that you are generating income from outside the country.

While you do need to show proof of income, being employed is one of the ways to meet this requirement. You can also qualify if you are a self-employed professional or an entrepreneur running your own business.

Yes, the digital nomad visa is specifically designed for those who wish to work remotely for a company based outside of Spain. This means you can perform your duties remotely without any issues.

Absolutely, one of the primary purposes of the digital nomad visa is to facilitate individuals who wish to work remotely while living in Spain. This allows you to maintain your professional life and income stream from your home country while enjoying the lifestyle Spain has to offer.

Yes, owning property in Spain while on a digital nomad visa is possible. Many digital nomads choose to invest in property to have a stable living situation during their stay.

Owning property does not negatively impact your digital nomad visa. In fact, it can be seen as a positive aspect, providing stability and a sense of belonging in Spain.

Yes, you can rent out your property while holding a digital nomad visa, provided you comply with local regulations regarding property rentals.

Owning property can provide a sense of stability and a base of operations while you work remotely. It also can be a good investment, given the popularity of Spain as a destination for expatriates and digital nomads.

Yes, any property you own in Spain needs to be properly registered in accordance with the Spanish national legal requirements. This ensures that your ownership is recognized and protected by legal frameworks.

A lawyer can provide essential guidance through the visa application process, ensuring all legal requirements are met. Lawyers offer expertise in preparing necessary documentation and representing clients with the Spanish authorities. The applicant must submit all required documents accurately and promptly to avoid delays, including the criminal record certificate

Hiring a lawyer increases your chances of a successful application by leveraging their specialized knowledge of Spanish immigration law. A lawyer ensures that all paperwork is correctly completed and submitted, minimizing delays and complications. Working with the Spanish legal system can be complex, and a lawyer can help navigate it effectively. Additionally, the criminal record certificate is an important document that the applicant must provide during the application process. Be aware of the visa fee which needs to be paid during the application submission.

More interesting info

  • Digital nomad visas require you to be employed by a foreign company and to work remotely.
  • For the past five years, you must have been working for at least one year in a similar capacity.
  • The Spain digital nomad visa process involves providing a criminal record certificate and paying the visa fee.
  • You must apply for a national visa application and comply with the Spanish social security system.
  • If you have dependents, you can apply for family member visas.
  • You will pay taxes in Spain according to the terms and conditions of the visa.
  • For the Spain digital nomad visa, the applicant must have private health insurance. be prepared by the worker and his/her family members.

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