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NIE card for Spain - European citizens

The NIE card for EU citizens (known as the green NIE) must be applied by EU citizens (or citizens of the European Economic Area or Switzerland) if they wish to stay in Spain for more than three months. 

You can apply for this certificate at the Foreigners’ Office of the place where you live in Spain. With this, you can have benefits such as working as an employee or self-employed in Spain. 

What our services for obtaining the NIE card for EU citizens include:

  • Advice on the necessary documentation for this process
  • Assistance in taking out private medical insurance
  • Assistance in opening a Spanish bank account 
  • Obtaining an appointment at the Police Station to apply for NIE Spain

Deadlines for the process for Nie card

The process of obtaining the NIE card in Spain depends mainly on how long it takes to obtain the necessary documentation first and how long it takes to get the appointment at the police station. Normally it is a process that can be done in 3-4 weeks