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Why we are different - NIM immigration lawyers

We are a group of lawyers based in Barcelona with extensive experience working for the relocation of foreign people throughout Spain. After years working in the sector, we saw the need to move away from the big firms and create on our own a platform where we could give more faithful and close advice.

Large firms handle an unimaginable amount of clients, lawyers have an overload of work that they cannot take on and this leads to delays in the processing of files, as well as in dealing with the client.
After detecting this need, we decided to launch NIM Lawyers.

We are the new digital generation of lawyers, we provide online advice in which you can talk and contact your lawyer in a simple and agile way. We will be aware of your file at all times and the whole process will be done electronically without you having to go to any office in person.

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Our team

Irene Martí Gispert

Managing Partner & Co-founder


Irene is the CEO of NIM Immigration Lawyers and as a lawyer she has a wide specialization and experience advising foreign people. Originally from Barcelona, during her professional career she has always been interested in international and immigration law. 

She has worked in 3 law firms in the Catalan capital, always advising clients from all over the world, until her ambition led her to start this project together with her partner and co-founder of the firm.

Irene studied law at the prestigious University of Barcelona (UB), ranked once again among the top 200 universities in the world. Then, she studied the Master’s Degree in Access to the Legal Profession at the Universidad Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). 

Passionate about getting to know other countries and cultures, she has lived many experiences after traveling for months around the world. She is aware of how important it is to feel at home in a new place. That’s why she has spent years helping foreigners who want to start a new life in Spain

She speaks Spanish, Catalan and English as well as Italian and German. Persistent, resolute and committed to her clients, she does her best to provide them with all the facilities in their new stage in Spain.

Noelia Soler Rivas

Partner & Co-founder

Immigration lawyer spain

Noelia is a lawyer who studied her law degree at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC).

During the course of her studies, she began her vocation to work in the international field and help people from around the world have an unforgettable experience. For two years she worked in a well-known visitor management company in one of the most famous monuments in Barcelona, and later, for a few months, in a company headquartered in the European Union.

After graduating and in order to continue doing what she has always been passionate about, she decided to learn about the professional practice of immigration law, helping foreigners with the legal and bureaucratic procedures to ensure that they have the same opportunities as Spaniards.

She has worked in two large international law firms in Barcelona. Later on, she started the NIM Immigration project with her partner and co-founder.

Noelia speaks Spanish, Catalan and English and as a professional she is always happy to help others to make the legal process as agile and successful as possible.

Jordi Manich

Tax Consultant


Jordi is a legal specialist with extensive knowledge and experience in international environments, consulting and tax advice.  As part of our  accounting and tax advisory team, he provides advisory service to individuals and companies in various different industries, assisting them with tax payment, financial closings and administrative tasks.

Passionate to help people meet their tax obligations by ensuring compliance with tax laws and regulations assisting in the preparation and filing of tax returns, ensuring accuracy and adherence to deadlines.  Good practices on corporate tax, management and legal compliance.

In addition to his background, Jordi holds a degree in Economics and he complemented his education with a Master’s in Tax & Legal advice.

He also speaks Native Spanish, French and Catalan, and is a proficient English speaker.


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