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The requirements for residency in Spain: A clarification of the NIE and the TIE

NIE for Spanish Citizens

If you’re a European citizen and intend to live in Spain for a duration longer than 3 months, you must register as a NIE (number of identity for a foreigner). This number is crucial to the identification of foreign nationals in Spain.

TIE for Nationalities other than EU

Non-EU residents are required to get a TIE (tarjeta de identificación de extranjero) upon their landing in Spain. The TIE is important for residing in Spain for the full duration of your residence permit and allows travel within the EU and other countries that are associated with Spain or the EU to be free of charge.  

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NIE Card

TIE Card

The application process for EU nationals

If you’re living in Barcelona, you must create an appointment through the Spanish government’s website, which is available in Spanish. On the website, EU citizens should choose the option “Policía – Certificado de Registro de Ciudadano de la Unión Europea” and follow the instructions. The system will schedule an appointment for you, this will take place on a date, time, and place. Depending on the popularity of the city, getting an appointment during the peak months of the year can be difficult.

The procedure for non-EU nationals

Non-EU nationals must request their TIE within the month of arriving in Spain at the police station for a fingerprint. The appointment can be made through a specific website, which is available in Spanish. Those from outside the EU should choose “expedición de Tarjeta de Identidad de Externos (huella)” on the website. The system will then assign a date and time to visit a specific police station in a specific location.

Required Documents for EU Nationals

Application form with two photocopies
Passport or ID card, with a copy
European Health Insurance Card or private insurance, with a copy
Proof of sufficient financial resources
Payment receipt for application fee (Tasa 790)
Appointment confirmation

Required Documents for EU Nationals

Passport, with a copy of all pages
EU entrance stamp or boarding pass, with a copy
Certificate of census registration in Spain (empadronamiento/padrón)
Three recent passport-sized photos
Payment receipt for application fee (Tasa 790)

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