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Spain's Digital Nomad Visa Income Requirements 2024 and Application Guide

If you are a foreign national aspiring to reside in Spain while being employed by a company outside its borders, understanding the digital nomad visa Spain requirements is essential. This visa, tailored specifically for modern, tech-oriented professionals, allows you to work remotely through various telecommunications and computer systems. 

Moreover, there is added flexibility for those who are self-employed. You have the option to work with a Spanish company, provided that this work does not exceed 20% of your overall professional activities. 

Regarding qualifications, you must possess either an undergraduate or postgraduate degree from a recognized university, college, or business school. In lieu of educational credentials, having a minimum of three years of experience in your current field is also acceptable. 

Concerned about your family accompanying you on this move? Rest assured, your spouse or unmarried partner can join you, along with any dependent children and dependent relatives in the ascending line who are part of your family unit. 

A critical prerequisite before applying for this visa is obtaining the NIE number. Wondering what it is? You can find more information HERE. It’s an important step not to be overlooked!

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Essential Documents for Applicants and Their Dependents 

1. Application for Digital Nomad Visa. The form must be meticulously completed and signed by each applicant or their authorized representative. 

2. Photography (if the application is made from the consulate). A recent, passport-sized color photograph is necessary. The picture should be clear, preferably with a light background, ensuring the full facial oval is clearly visible. Avoid using dark or reflective glasses or any items that obstruct the face. 

3. Valid Passport. Submit your passport and a photocopy of the pages containing biometric data. The passport must be valid for at least one year with a minimum of two blank pages. Passports issued over 10 years ago will not be accepted. 

4. Criminal Record Certificate. All applicants of legal age must provide both an original and a copy of a criminal record certificate from every country of residence in the last 2 years. Additionally, a formal declaration of a clean criminal record for the past five years is necessary. This certificate must be issued within the last six months unless it specifies a longer validity. For UK criminal records, submit an ACRO Certificate. 

5. Proof of Residence in the Consular District. Proof of legal residence in the applicable consular district must be provided. Verify your consular district by visiting this Consulate web link. 

6. Visa Fee Payment. Payment of the visa fee is obligatory and must accompany the visa application submission. Fees should be paid in local currency and are subject to fluctuations in exchange rates. Refer to the list of Consular Fees for more details. 

8. Health Insurance. Submit both an original and a copy of a certificate proving you have either public or private health insurance with an entity authorized to operate in Spain. The policy should offer coverage equivalent to that of Spain’s public health system. 

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1) Certification of Employment for at Least Three Months Prior to Visa Application: 

  • If Employed: A certificate from your employer detailing the duration of your contract and confirming explicit consent for remote work from Spain.
  • If Self-Employed: A certificate outlining the length of the contract and the terms and conditions allowing remote work from Spain.

2) Certificate from the Government Companies House: 

A certificate indicating the date of the company’s establishment and the nature of its business activities. 

3) Requirements for Applicants Enrolled in the Spanish National Social Security System: 

If either the applicant or their UK-based company opts to enroll in the Spanish Social Security System, the following documents must be provided: 

  • A certificate confirming registration of both the company and the employee. For self-employed individuals, a certificate of registration with the RETA (Régimen de Trabajadores Autónomos de la Seguridad Social española) is required.
  • A declaration of accountability by the employer (for employed applicants) or by the applicant (for self-employed individuals) affirming adherence to Spanish social security regulations prior to commencing any occupational activities. If the applicant maintains registration with the British social security system, this must be clearly stated in the declaration of accountability.

4) Financial Requirements for Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa: 

The primary applicant must demonstrate a monthly income equivalent to 200% of the minimum interprofessional wage (SMI), currently set at €1,134 (spread over 14 salary payments). For the purpose of this visa, the necessary monthly income must be €2,646, calculated on a 12-payment basis annually. 

For dependents: The income requirement is 75% of the SMI for the first additional family member (approximately €850.50/month) and 25% of the SMI (€283.50/month) for each subsequent dependent. 

Applicants must also provide proof of consistent and sufficient income, which can be validated through employment contracts, bank statements, or evidence of ongoing business activities. The income should be stable enough to sustain the applicant’s stay in Spain without seeking local employment. 

5) Evidence of Educational or Professional Qualifications: 

Applicants must submit a copy of their degree from an accredited university or a valid professional certification. 


  • Documents verifying familial relationships to the applicant, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, or civil registry proofs of partnership. Foreign documents must be apostilled or legalized and, if needed, accompanied by a certified Spanish translation.
  • For adult dependents: Documentation must confirm financial dependency and civil status. These documents, too, need to be apostilled or legalized and, when required, presented with a certified Spanish translation.
  • For dependent ancestors: Proof must be provided that they are under the applicant’s care, with documents undergoing apostille or legalization processes and, if necessary, accompanied by an official Spanish translation.

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