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can you work in spain with a student visa?

Is it possible to  a work with a student visa in Spain? The answer is yes, the student visa allows you to work.
It has always been complex for foreigners to be able to work with a student visa.

By law, student visas in theory have never been accompanied by a work permit. In fact, on the foreigner’s identity cards it says “Stay for studies and/or research”.

It does not authorise you to work. This means that if you want to get a job, they will not be able to hire you with this card, precisely because it says that it does not authorise you to work.

However, in practice it is possible to work if you have a student visa, but you have to expressly request it to the Foreigners’ Office.

In this case, it will be the employer (the company that wishes to hire you) who will have to request this work permit from the immigration office.

If you continue reading you will find more information about the requirements for this express authorization to be able to work in Spain if you are a student.

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Working with a student visa in Spain

As we have already mentioned, if you want to work while you are studying, you can be employed or self-employed. We are going to tell you the requirements for each type.

Work as an employee:

  • The work must be compatible with the studies you are studying.
    Students can now work up to 30 hours a week (before the reform they could work a maximum of 20 hours).

  • They will have to present documentation accrediting that they have the training and, where applicable, the professional qualification legally required for the exercise of the profession, as well as an approved qualification and membership of a professional association.

  • Have an employment contract signed by the employer and the worker.
    It is the employer who must request this express authorisation for the student to be able to work.

It is important to bear in mind that if your studies include internships to be carried out in a company, in this case you will not have to request this express authorisation from the immigration authorities. As long as they are not work placements and an agreement has been signed.

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  • The work must be compatible with the studies you are taking.

  • You can be self-employed for a maximum of 30 hours.

  • Comply with the requirements of current legislation for the opening and operation of the planned activity.

  • Possess the required professional qualifications or sufficient accredited experience in the exercise of the professional activity.

  • Have sufficient investment for the business and be able to create jobs.

  • Have the necessary authorisations and licences for the operation of the activity.

  • It is the student who must apply to the Foreigners’ Office for this express authorisation so that you can combine your studies with work.

Change from student visa to work permit in Spain

If we do not want to work while we are studying and we want to wait to finish our studies, we can make a modification of the student visa to a work permit.

With the recent reform of the law on foreigners there has been an important change that favours work options for foreign students.
Before this reform, it was only possible to change to an employed or self-employed work permit if the student had been on a student visa for at least 3 years.

Now, you can change from a student visa to a work visa in Spain after only 1 year. You can do any kind of work, it does not have to be a qualified job.
But it is important to keep in mind that in order to change to an employment permit, you must already have a job offer and the company must be willing to hire you.

Without this job offer it is not possible to change to a work permit.

If you wish to change to a self-employed work permit, you must present a business plan and fulfil the rest of the requirements to be eligible for this type of permit.

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